February 24, 2018


Wow, where has the TIME gone since the Dallas Calendar Conference? During these years, I have done enough study and research (and still do!) to write an amazing book on the subject of the calendar – with all the doors of understanding that are linked to it and that have now been opened up. 

My initial gut-feeling at the very beginning of this journey has been proven correct: the calendar issue is a very big and tangled web - with cans of worms trapped througout. Assumptions, opinions, theories, traditions and bad translations have all conspired to turn a very simple way of telling time into what it has become today - a confusing calendar crisis. 
With this final end-of-the-matter article (and due to time and size limits), I am not going to write a long article, but will try to boil it all down and tell it exactly as it is - how the ball bounces, the cookie crumbles, and where (and WHEN!) the rubber meets the road...

  I pondered and searched out many different calendars;
  Of reading many books and articles, 
  And watching videos there was/is no end;
  And much calendar study wearies the body.
  Now all has been heard;
  Here is the conclusion of the matter:


When the LIGHT of the Sun rules (includes morning and evening), it is DAY (from dawn to dark). When the LIGHTS of the Moon and stars rule, it is NIGHT. These entities were forever separated - and “what God has separated, let no man join together,” because “woe to those...who put darkness for light and light for darkness” and call both light and dark a “day" (Isa 5:20). One of the keys to finding the exact day/light of the appointed times is to be like David: “Teach us to number our days correctly” (Psa 90:12).


The EVENT of the New Moon is when there is a “full” Moon (cresent lit by sunshine; rest lit by earthshine – as described by Philo!) ruling with the stars at NIGHT. Sometimes this will be the 2nd crescent that is seen after sunset (Rev 12:1 proves this). So the New Moon is high in the western sky and proclaimed by umpteen thousands of witnesses of LIGHT. 
The DAY of the New Moon starts at the following dawn – which is an appointed festival(chag), but not an appointed time(moed) of resting/assembly. As a result, this special worship day is not part of the 7-day WEEK count. Herbert Armstrong was not allowed to see the truth of this matter, because this is an individual obedience issue – not a group government one.


With the preceding KNOWLEDGE, we can now successfully count towards the weekly 7th DAY/LIGHT of rest. Just as the 7-year Sabbath Year COUNT IS RESET with each 50th-year Jubilee, so the 7-day Sabbath day count is reset with each 1st-day New Moon - making the Sabbath day fall on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th day of the month – just like ALL the numbered Sabbaths in scripture prove.

YAHOVAH's Sabbath is based on the events of the Earth's renewal and the continuous cycle of the God-created/placed Moon – not on the events in the 7th Century and a continuous count of 7 boxes on a man-created/decreed calendar. The correct order/timing of the events in Genesis 1 will finally be established once the oldest manuscripts that have been found are finally revealed to the world.

YAHOVAH's Sabbath can be proved from numerous verses of scripture and thousands of LIGHTS in the heavens. The “Jewish Sabbath” (on Saturn's day, which starts at the ending of Venus' day), however, cannot be proved by anything other than Jewish tradition and a Roman calendar.

Is the Sabbath a “Lunar” Sabbath? Not exactly. It is a “Heavenly” Sabbath, because the count is based on the LIGHTS of the Moon AND stars.


The original Passover lamb was slain “between the evenings” - that brief DARK period of time between when the Sun's light of the 14th day has disappeared in the west and the full Moon's light starts shining in the east. This unique period can only happen when the correct New Moon is established. This requirement explains why Yahshua had to die while it was DARK! Remember Joshua's miraculous long-day? Well the latter-day Joshua had a miraculous short day: that 14th day was about 3 hours shorter than it should've been. This divine miracle also affected the count towards His resurrection/accension on the 16th.


The Feast of Unleavened Bread is from the 15th (weekly/”high” Sabbath) to the 21st day of 1st month. Also, just like the Feast of Tabernacles, the last day of the feast is followed by the weekly Sabbath (22nd).

The wave sheaf of barley does NOT determine when the year begins (lights of the Moon and stars do), but does determine when the count to the wheat harvest begins. Historically, the wave sheaf was normally offered on the 16th day of the 1st month , but could also have been done on the day after previous/later Sabbaths. Why? Because some years crops can be earlier or later than normal. And THAT IS WHY there is NOT a specified Sabbath/date designated – just “the day after the weekly Sabbath.”


During this journey of correctly counting, 3 "revealings" come to light - each one on the 22nd day of the first 3 months, and each a Sabbath ... an impossibility on the Roman/papal 7-day pagan/planetary week:

01/22 = Freedom was revealed on the Sabbath
02/22 = Sabbath was revealed on the Sabbath!
03/22 = Covenant was revealed on the Sabbath! 
Revelations on 3 22s? “He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says!” (Rev 3:22)


This feast day has ramifications like no other day - doors of understanding of past, present and future events have now been opened. Usually referred to as either Shavuot or Pentecost, the correct understanding of when this day is found is by adding both names together: 

      SHAVUOT (7 weeks)
  + PENTECOST (50 days)
      FIRST FRUITS OF HARVEST! (50th day)
Yes, the correct method is counting 7 FULL/COMPLETE weeks and then 50 days from the day after the 7th Sabbath - which is the length of time it takes wheat to grow from planting (in spring) to being harvested (in mid-summer). The truth is right there in Lev 23: 15,16 - but we could not see it. Why? The combination of tradition and translations has double-blinded us. Of all the translations I have read, only one (ONE!) has almost translated verse 16 correctly: "Then AFTER the 7th Sabbath, you shall count 50 days." (Ferrar Fenton)

Since the week counting starts on the 17th (“FROM the day after”), this week is not full/complete – so the count starts on the 23rd, making the Sabbath/29th the first of 7 weeks. This makes the 15th day of the 3rd month the 7th week/shavuot. Then FROM the day after this (17th again – like Noah's flood count!), 50 days are counted – making either the 6th, 7th or 8th of the 5th month when the fullness of the 50th/Pentecost day had come, the Feast of the First Fruits of the Wheat Harvest.

In the latest Dead Sea scroll to be deciphered (only one more left!), there is revealed a different calendar than the rabbinic one used in Jerusalem. In this calendar was the festival of New Wine – which was 50 days after Shavuot!! And what were the disciples accused of drinking on that fateful day?! They could not have been accused of drinking new wine in the spring or early summer – it's impossible!


On the NIGHT before the DAY/LIGHT of Trumpets (1st day of the 7th month), a New Moon will be seen at/under (depends on year cycle) the feet of the constellation (not sign!) of the virgin and ruling with the stars. When a crown of 12 stars finally becomes visible to those on Earth (not yet sure of exact month), then Yashua will return with His Bride and Saints on the next Trumpets.


The day/light of Atonment is the 10th day/light of the 7th month – with the fasting starting on the previous evening, which is the ending of the 9th day/light. The atonement of sins part of this day was fulfilled when Paul sprinkled Yahshua's blood before and on the Ark of the Covenant – which consecrated the New Covenant! He went into Arabia: first to Mount Sinai, then continued on to Ethiopia where the Ark was being protected. The facts of this amazing journey are the genesis (the kernel of truth) of the legend/myth of the Holy Grail quest.


This feast starts on the Sabbath of the 15th day of the 7th month and continues until the 21st day and pictures the 1,000-year Millenium, which is to prepare the Earth for the … 

This day is on the Sabbath of the 22nd day of the 7th month and pictures the 1,000-year White Throne Judgement.


The KNOWLEDGE of the correct calendar ...

   * Knowledge that His people are lacking and currently being destroyed for (Hos 4:6):
   * Knowledge they don't have, because they're lukewarm, wretched, pitiful, poor,   blind and naked (Rev 3:16,17); 
   * Knowledge they don't have, because they're clinging to deceit and do not know the requirements of YAHOVAH, because the false pen of the scribes have handled the law falsely and turned it into a lie that has produced a falsehood (Jer 8:5-8);
   * Knowledge they don't have and are stumbling, because the priests/rabbis/ministers have not followed YAHOVAH's ways and have shown partiality in matters of the law and have not preserved KNOWLEDGE (Mal 2:9)

   ... is displayed night after night in the heavens that declare YEHOVAH'S glory. These heavenly lights declare the knowledge of when the appointed times (moedim) are to be observed – which ipso facto makes the calendar luni-stellar, not luni-solar (like the Babylonians used)
The calendar was the first thing revealed in Genesis (in the original order, as proven when the oldest version of Genesis 1 is finally revealed) and the first revealed command to the Israelites before leaving Egypt. Now, the calendar circle has been completed: the first to be revealed shall be the last to be restored.

June 21, 2009


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